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Knuth, Stephens’ Build an early foundation for algebra success in Phi Delta Kapan

March 10, 2016

"Build an early foundation for algebra success," by Eric KnuthAna Stephens, Maria Blanton and Angela Gardiner was published in the March edition of the Phi Delta Kappan.

Abstract from the Phi Delta Kappan: Research tells us that success in algebra is a factor in many other important student outcomes. Emerging research also suggests that students who are started on an algebra curriculum in the earlier grades may have greater success in the subject in secondary school. What’s needed is a consistent, algebra-infused mathematics curriculum all throughout the earlier grades. The authors outline three foundational principles for students to learn in the early grades, which can help them with the algebra they encounter in secondary school.

The full article is available on the Phi Delta Kappan.

Sara Goldrick-Rab: Community Colleges Should Consider Providing Food Pantries for Commuting Students

February 25, 2016

Sara Goldrick-Rab says community colleges should consider providing food pantries for commuting students who are hungry all year long (The Atlantic, Feb. 24, 2016) 

From The Atlantic:

How Low-Income Students Are Fitting In at Elite Colleges

People from the richest quarter of the population outnumber those from the poorest quarter by almost 25 to one at the nation’s most selective institutions.

In recent years, college campuses have been rocked by black students protesting racial bigotry, and women’s groups denouncing sexual harassment. But in the age of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump’s class-based politics, we’re beginning to see something new: the rise of low-income and working-class students protesting longstanding inequalities on campus that in the previous decades were mostly ignored.

The new movement took center stage this past weekend as the Harvard College First-Generation Student Union hosted a conference of 350 students and administrators, mostly from Ivy League institutions, that called for boosting the presence of disadvantaged students on elite campuses and reducing their alienation.

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MSAN Chapter Creates Program Aimed to Increase AP Class Enrollment

February 23, 2016

Harrisonburg, VA's MSAN chapter created "Streaks Serving Streaks," a tutoring program for students struggling academically or in need of additional assistance. (Harrisonburg City Schools)

Sara Goldrick-Rab Says Poor Students Often Dip into Student Loans to Cover the Rising Cost Living

February 23, 2016

Sara Goldrick-Rab says poor students often dip into their student loans just to cover the rising cost of living (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 19, 2016) Subscription required

Matt Hora says UW–Madison Board of Regents Should Be Held Accountable To Do Their Job

February 19, 2016

Matt Hora says the UW–Madison Board of Regents should hold themselves accountable for their decisions and public statements regarding policies that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, staff and faculty, (Capital Times, Feb. 18, 2016)

Eric Knuth and Others Find Middle School Students Still Struggle to Understand the Equal Sign

February 19, 2016

Eric Knuth and others find middle school students still struggle to understand the equals sign (Education Week, Feb. 17, 2016) 

Mark Connolly: Overworked, Underpaid TAs Can Be Detrimental to Class Quality

February 16, 2016

Mark Connolly, Principal Investigator of the NSF-funded Longitudinal Study of Future STEM Scholars, quoted in the GW Hatchet

Mentoring beyond borders

December 18, 2015

Chris Pfund talks about supplementing traditional mentoring with career coaching for graduate students (AAAS Science, 18 Dec.)

Critics say WI going backward on achievement gap

December 17, 2015

State Sen. Luther Olsen cites WCER project reports about the importance of high quality professional development and the state’s SAGE program (, 17 Dec.)

Some students thrive despite nation’s worst statewide racial achievement gap

December 16, 2015

Bradley Carl says he has yet to find any program “that has moved the needle on (the achievement gap)” in a big way (, 16 Dec.)

Critics: State going backward on achievement gap

December 16, 2015

Eric Grodsky says just putting a student in a school with more-advantaged students won’t solve all the student’s problems (Post Crescent, 16 Dec.)

Hungry, homeless and in college

December 4, 2015

Sara Goldrick-Rab and Katharine Broton cowrote the OpEd, "Hungy, Homeless, and in College," (New York Times, 4 Dec.)

La Follette Research Professor Recognized for his Work in Data-driven Education Policy

December 1, 2015

Rob Meyer is appointed to the national Moneyball for Government All-Star team, which focuses on data-driven policy (LaFollette School of Public Affairs, 1 Dec).

Technology moves into Madison’s classrooms with a device for every student

November 29, 2015

Richard Halverson says digital devices can help students learn but only if teachers first learn how to use them effectively (Wisconsin State Journal, 29 Nov.)

Local researchers will search for solutions to stubborn achievement gaps

November 25, 2015

Eric Grodsky leads effort to study why some state schools have had more success than others in narrowing achievement gaps across racial lines and income levels. (Wisconsin State Journal, 25 Nov.)