New Grants

Eric Grodsky, Rich Halverson, and Steve Kimball received $2 million from the U.S. Dept. of Education for the project Connecting Educators and Evidence through Data, through September 2019. 

Matt Hora and Ross Benbow received $782,000 of a $2.2 million National Science Foundation grant running through April, 2020. UW-Madison's portion totals $1,589,057 and the Rochester Institute of Technology will receive $647,103 for the project, Collaborative Research: Exploring Factors that Shape Education and Workplace Training on Essential 21st Century Competencies: A Translational Study in Four High-STEM Job Regions.

Mitchell Nathan and Peter Steiner received $339,000 from the U.S. Dept. or Education for the project, How Dynamic Gestures and Directed Actions Contribute to Mathematical Proof Practices, through June 2020. 

Sara Goldrick-Rab received $25,000 from the William T. Grant Foundation for the project #RealCollege: A National Convening on Food and Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates, through May 2016.

Drew Anderson received $50,000 from the Spencer Foundation for the project Using Multiple Discontinuities to Estimate Broad Effects of Public Need-Based Aid for College, through March 2017.

Steven Kimball (PI) received $759,000 from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for Academic and Career Planning Process Implementation Support, through August 2018.

Brad Carl (PI) received $10,000 from the U.S. Department of Education for the GEAR UP Evaluation Project 2015-2016, through August 2016.

Eric Grodsky (PI) received $6,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the project, Health & Society Scholars (HSS) Wisconsin Renewal 2014-2016, through June 2016.