Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Equity in Student Loan Repayment

To evaluate passive repayment models for student loans, we will
(a) introduce and apply an evidence-based framework for evaluating and comparing income-based loan (IBL) reform efforts domestically and abroad and
(b) engage key stakeholders in discussion about design and implementation for a range of policy instruments.

The project is structured in three phases: 
Problem identification and policy context;
Evaluation and consideration of policy instruments; and
Recommendations and implications with input from key stakeholders.

The end products will be
(a) a comprehensive comparison and evaluation of existing and proposed IBL models,
(b) a set of recommendations about passive repayment models, inclusive of implementation concerns and stakeholder perspectives, and
(c) an evaluation framework for an evidence-based approach to analyzing IBL policies.



Completed on February 28, 2014

Contact Information

Nicholas Hillman