Center for Value-Added Research at Milwaukee Public Schools

For the past seven years WCER staff have worked with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) district staff to develop their capacity to analyze and make full use of data on students and schools. Rob Meyer and Gary Cook provide technical direction to the district on research issues.

This project funds the work of an "embedded researcher" who splits time between WCER and the Division of Research and Assessment at MPS, and conducts program evaluations and research involving key MPS initiatives and district improvement efforts. Examples of work conducted to date include evaluations of MPS summer school programs, a single-gender classroom initiative at an MPS middle school, and the MPS/Milwaukee Recreation Arts Partnership program. Ongoing work includes the establishment of a postsecondary tracking system for MPS graduates and an evaluation of year- round and extended-year schooling options in MPS.


Milwaukee Public Schools and The Joyce Foundation

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Completed on June 30, 2012

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Brad Carl