Teachers Engaged in Authentic Mathematics (TEAM) Evaluation

The Teachers Engaged in Authentic Mathematics (TEAM) project has brought together a partnership between the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, the School District of Clayton, and 14 other northwestern Wisconsin rural school districts.This project will provide the structure and commitment for up to 60 regular and special education teachers per yer to collaborate as they meet the needs of ALL students, grades 4-8 based on the local professional development structures and coordination with the IHE. TEAM will develop professional learning communities (PLCs) locally and across the region to provide the leadership needed for all students to become successful in mathematics.

The success of the TEAM project will be determined through a quasi-experimental comparison group evaluation design using multiple methods and both formative and summative evaluation tools. These tools include:

·   Diagnostic Teacher Assessment of Mathematics (DTAMS)

·   Middle School Mathematics and the Institutional Setting of Teaching (MIST)

·   Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale

·   PLC process and reflection journaling and video in support of district team development

·   Pre-post assessment of student mathematics development

·   Pre-post attitudinal surveys and exit slips

·   On-site observations and participant interviews.


John Gugerty


Completed on August 31, 2015