MMSD AVID TOPS Middle School Evaluation - FY2017

AVID/TOPS is a college preparatory program for students of color, low-income and first generation students. It’s offered in partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and the Verona Area School District.

Through mentoring, tutoring, internships, college field trips and leadership opportunities, AVID/TOPS works to narrow achievement gaps, to help students stay on track to graduate on time, and to prepare them for college and career options.

AVID/TOPS students are approximately two-thirds low-income, 20% non-Hispanic White, 30% African American, 30% Hispanic, and 20% of another race. Less than half the students are male. More than one third would be the first in their family to attend college and 40% are English language learners.

A recent HOPE Lab evaluation of the program found that:

• Ninth-grade students who participated in AVID in middle school had fewer unexcused absences  and higher attendance rates than their peers.

• Ninth-grade students who participated in AVID in middle school earned more credits.

• AVID/TOPS participation led to a higher GPA for high school students in the district, 2.76 compared to 2.67.

• AVID/TOPS led students to enroll in more challenging coursework such as AP and honors classes.

• Students with any exposure to AVID/TOPS graduated high school on time at higher rates than their comparison group.

• AVID/TOPS students had a 20 percent higher college enrollment rate than their peers. This number increased to 30 percent for male students of color. 


Jed Richardson


Completed on June 30, 2017

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