External Evaluation of the MSP TEAM Year 3 Project

The Teachers Engaged in Authentic Mathematics (TEAM) project is a partnership among the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, the School District of Clayton, and 7 other northwestern Wisconsin rural school districts.

The partnership seeks to:

Strengthen the mathematics content knowledge of regular and special education teachers, grades 3-12.

Enhance teachers’ mathematics teaching skills and assessment practices.

Establish a relationship among participants and partners to sustain teachers’ ongoing professional collaboration, leading to instructional change and teachers’ growth.

Improve student achievement in math.

This project enables up to 60 regular and special education teachers per year to collaborate as they meet the needs of students, grades 3-12, based on local professional development structures and coordination with UW-Eau Claire.

This evaluation includes a quasi-experimental comparison group, and uses multiple methods for both formative and summative evaluation.


John Gugerty


Completed on August 31, 2017

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John Gugerty