Language Education Policy and Identities Inclusion: Cultivating Distinctiveness: A Bi-Continental Conference Plan

This recurring conference focuses on the crisis of refugee and migrant children in the schools of the heightened security environment of Western nations and on language education policy.

Conference participants aim to improve the educational opportunities for very young children up through university age-students who often face hostile conditions, with emphasis on:
the role of teachers, 
teacher education vs. media representation and
fear factors including Islamophobia.

The conference brings together scholars to discuss conceptual issues and methodological issues in an open and productive manner.

They review the extensive work that has documented children’s post-9/11 experiences and ways out of the conundrum, and work to expand the field for researchers of all ages and many related specialties.

Participants discuss cultures and ways of life that often are misrepresented, and also on languages and repositories of knowledge as affected by linguistic assimilation through schooling. Linguistic diversity and humanity’s knowledge base are also affected. 

This process produces negotiation difficulties tied to identities, which displaced children and youth must negotiate.

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Completed on December 31, 2017

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Francois V. Tochon & Kristine M. Harrison