Transana is software for qualitative researchers who want to analyze text data, still image data, and media-based (audio or video) data. You can import text, still images, and media (audio and video) data, select critical segments, code these segments in a number of ways, and explore coded data to understand it better using Transana's Reports and Search tool.  Transana also includes tools for analytic writing.

Transana offers a number of features that are unique.  Transana supports working with multiple simultaneous media files, allowing easier analysis of data from multiple cameras or media streams.  Transana allows multiple simultaneous transcripts, allowing easier analysis of data using multiple layers or analytic perspectives.  Transana was the first to support multiple simultaneous user sharing the same data at the same time, allowing powerful collaboration during the analysis of data.

Transana was developed at WCER and it continues to be maintained and enhanced. It is widely used in the education research community, where video is an integral part of most researchers' methods. Researchers in many other disciplines also find it useful in their work.

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