Synthesis of the January 2008 MSP Learning Network Conference

This small research project (funded November 2007- September 2008) responds to the NSF’s Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program’s interest in learning how program grantees are generating and using evidence-based claims in order to improve their programs and identify practices that could be replicated to improve K-16 STEM education.

This study is framed by both the high national priority currently placed on improving the quality of STEM education at both K-12 and higher education levels, and by a growing concern among both federal education reform funding agencies and leaders in the field of education that rigorous evidence about the value of federal investment in education reform is accumulating very slowly.

The project was designed to assess the methodologies used by the MSP community to generate evidence-based claims, and seeks to understand topics of interest to MSP leaders and evaluators. Data was gathered during the January 2008 MSP Learning Network Conference (LNC). The project report, delivered to the MSP program leaders in August 2008, will be available as a WCER Working Paper in October 2008. A manuscript for submission to a scholarly journal, based on study findings, will be completed by the end of September, 2008.


Completed on December 31, 2011