Mobilizing STEM Education for a Sustainable Future

Our goal is that by 2020 the U.S. has a professional workforce and a citizenry who (a) understand the interrelated scientific and social dimensions of world-wide problems in our physical and social environments, and (b) have the ability, skill, and motivation to address these global problems. We focus on postsecondary institutions of education, which are critical in developing these capacities in that they educate not only natural and computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, but also policymakers, workers at every level in industry and business, and K-12 teachers.

The project’s two major tasks are to: (a) design a framework for change and produce a set of associated recommendations that are equal to the task of ensuring that postsecondary institutions produce a citizenry and workforce sufficiently educated in the STEM disciplines to meet the global challenges facing us, and (b) initiate a national campaign that promotes this framework and recommendations to national leaders who are positioned to implement them.

Project leadership also includes Elaine Seymour of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Jean MacGregor of Evergreen State College.


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Completed on December 31, 2011