Developing and Validating the Next Generation of Leadership Evaluation Tools: Formative Assessment for High-Stakes Accountability (CALL)

This project works to improve leadership for learning in schools by developing the next generation of on-line formative assessment tools.

Although school leaders have considerable data with which to judge school and personal performance, they can struggle to associate data with school leadership practice. The School Leadership Assessment Tools (CALL) will enable school leaders to better (a) assess the status of their school’s systems, (b) associate assessment results with areas for improvement, and (c) determine leadership tasks for systems’ improvement.

CALL development is guided by rigorous research and validated by comparing the results to value-added measures of student learning, school climate surveys and local measures of leadership effectiveness.

CALL builds on two instruments that have been implemented in more than 20 school districts nationwide. CALL will be used by groups of leaders and teachers in middle and high schools in several medium-to-large sized districts including Madison, WI, Fairfax County, VA and the El Paso (TX) Public School systems. They will measure the degree to which these leadership tasks are engaged in local schools and will provide formative guidance to schools on the critical next steps to improve leadership capacity.

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Completed on August 31, 2014