Measuring Effects of a School-Based Data-Driven Professional Learning Model on Raising Mathematics Achievement in Low-Performing Secondary Schools

This project conducts research on the effectiveness of a school-based professional development model designed to use the Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in schools that are working to improve the mathematics achievements of students. The school-based professional development model will engage teachers in secondary schools in a process that begins with the use of the SEC to examine the enacted mathematics curriculum in all grades/courses in the school.

As CCSSO’s partner with the SEC Collaborative, WCER will lead the collection, reporting and use of SEC data for the professional development model. Using the SEC data, a trained facilitator will leads the staff through a structured process to improve the alignment of the enacted curriculum to state standards and assessments, improve the articulation of the curriculum across the grades, and improve the day-to-day instruction of mathematics. The development will include the creation of a facilitator’s tool kit that can be used to implement the professional development at the school level.


Completed on February 28, 2014

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John Smithson