Los Angeles Unified School District Value-Added Project

The Value Added Research Center will provide the following services at the direction of the Office of the Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District:

1. Assist the District with refining our school-level model for measuring Academic Growth Over Time (a value-added model) for the purposes of measuring Academic Growth Over Time at the student, teacher and school leader levels.
2. Provide a report recommending the best approaches for the use of AGOT growth metrics for teachers and teacher teams of non-core subjects and/or subjects currently not part of the California Standards Test process.
3. a. Run the model(s) that result from the decisions the District makes upon the District’s receipt of the vendor’s recommendations in response to Task No. 1 above, and b. Produce a technical report that will describe the model(s) and their/its implementation, written for a general audience.
4. Analyze longitudinal data provided by LAUSD, and generate student-level value added scores for individual teachers, school leaders, and subject area/grade level teams, where appropriate and feasible according to the model(s) of best fit developed.
5. Develop training and professional development materials
6. Provide a minimum of 10 training sessions per year for select LAUSD staff so that they can in turn deliver workshops and facilitate the learning of teachers, principals and other 'field-level' staff.
7. Attend and participate in a minimum of 10 one-day in-person meetings per school year with key stakeholder groups (e.g., union leaders, parent leaders, community based organization leaders) to discuss value add/student growth data and its appropriate role in measuring educator effectiveness.


Completed on June 30, 2014