Susan Smetzer-Anderson

Dissemination Coordinator

Susan Smetzer-Anderson is Dissemination Director for the $15 million i3 (Investing in Innovation, Department of Education) project titled Investing in Family Engagement.  The five-year project involves five partner organizations, including WCER, American Institutes for Research, The School District of Philadelphia, Turning Points for Children, and FAST, Inc. AIR is conducting a Randomized Control Trial in 60 elementary schools in Philadelphia to assess the effectiveness of FAST in improving school-family, intra- and inter-family relationships, as well as K-2 student learning and behavior.

Results of the AIR evaluation are forthcoming in 2017.

Smetzer-Anderson is responsible for telling the project's story in multiple outlets.

Her areas of expertise include analyzing audience needs, diffusion of new practices and ideas across populations, communication theory, information campaign practices and research, and social marketing.  For the i3 project, she is cultivating insights on participant recruitment and retention and help strategize qualitative research on families.

Previous to this project, Smetzer-Anderson was Communication Director for the WCER-based National Center for Improvement Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science (NCISLA), reporting to Center Director Tom Carpenter.

She recently earned a Certificate in Servant Leadership, is writing for journals and blogs, and is working on new Data Visualization techniques.

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