Maureen Keithley

State Relations Specialist

In her role, Maureen Keithley orients new WIDA states and new staff in existing states and assists SEAs in optimizing the benefits of WIDA Consortium membership. Initially, when she joined WIDA in 2008, she developed and delivered professional development nationally/internationally. Her prior experience as a content teacher, ESL teacher, LEA Title III Coordinator, and SEA Title III-LEP/Immigrant Consultant equips Maureen to have a multifaceted approach in providing individualized support across the WIDA Consortium.

Maureen holds a B.S. from Illinois College, Jacksonville, M.S. from Western Illinois University, Macomb, and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood/English as New Language. Her vast international opportunities have provided rich experiences in many cultures, which of course, includes languages.

Contact Information
Phone: (502) 742-7510

Current Projects