Madina Djuraeva

Project Assistant

Madina Djuraeva has been with WIDA since 2012 assisting in research projects of the Standards deparment. The projects that she has been part of focus on producing instructional tools to faciliate english language learning for ELLs and contributing to the body of literature on language development of english language learners. Since joining WIDA, she has gained both theoretical knowledge on doing language and education related research as well as practical knowledge of carrying out a research study. Through her work at WIDA, she has also learned applying softwares for qualitative data analysis, such as Transana, Dedoose, Nvivo and Atlas.ti.  

Madina is a PhD candidate in the department of Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on World Language Education at UW-Madison. She has Master's of Arts in Applied English Linguistics and ceritifcate in TESOL from the same institution. Madina is passionate about improving language educaiton in multilingual contexts, contributing to the studies on identity and linguistic human rights.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 609-3331
Office: 361 Ed Sciences

Current Projects