Indira Ceylan

Project Manager

Indira Ceylan is a Project Manager for a couple projects at WCER.

Indira serves as grant manager of the Alternate English Language Learning Assessment (ALTELLA). ALTELLA aims to apply lessons learned from research on successful instructional practices, accommodations, and assessing English Learners (ELs) and students with cognitive disabilities to develop an alternate English Language Proficiency assessment for these students. 

Indira is also a member of the WIDA Project Management Office and oversees several projects in the area of developing and improving resources for eduators of language learners.

Prior to her current position, Indira was a Professional Learning Outreach Administrator at WIDA and worked in close cooperation with state partners and WIDA facilitators to develop and deliver professional learning opportunities, with a focus on WIDA Early Years. 

Originally from Germany, Indira has an LL.M in Globalisation and Law from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and a B.A. in European Studies from Magdeburg University, Germany. Indira also completed the Master's Certificate in Project Management at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 890-4465
Office: 797 Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Alternate English Language Learning Assessment (ALTELLA)