Nelse Grundvig

ASST RESEARCHER - zero dollar appointment

Nelse Grundvig works as researcher for the Center on Education and Work, home of the career information system, CareerLocker.He is currently working with the Latino Equity Collaborative and developing tools to help life-long learning, career ladders, skill development for employers and transferable skills.

Prior to this position, Nelse served as a Policy Initiatives Advisor for the Department of Workforce Development and the Labor Market Information (LMI) Director for the state of Wisconsin where he was involved in implementing data systems and creating measures of performance for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and other legislated requirements. He served on several committees and policy councils for the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

He oversaw the Labor Market and Occupational Research Group for the North Carolina Employment Security Commission and served as a research analyst for the state of North Dakota, where he was the Governor’s Liaison for the US Census Bureau. As the principal trainer for the LMI Institute, he taught researchers, analysts, economists, counselors and administrators to do program evaluation, needs analysis, report on economic conditions and projections of labor supply and demand. Nelse has been involved in federal and state interagency and interdisciplinary collaborations creating pragmatic solutions when measuring, analyzing or reporting on a wide spectrum of issues concerning education, training and the changing needs of employers.

His research experiences include building survey instruments using a variety of delivery systems to gather the needed information, qualitative analysis and systemic reviews, mathematical modeling demographics and program evaluation. He is a recipient of the Charles Benefield award, an award for advancing both the art and science of labor market information using his background in sociology, economics and psychology. Nelse is certified public manager and a member of the American Statistical Association and the National Career Development Association.

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Phone: (608) 263-4444
Office: 960 Ed Sciences