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Patty Kreikemeier

Associate Researcher & Science Performance Assessment Task Writer

Patty Kreikemeier is an Associate Researcher and Science Performance Assessment Task Writer within the Institute for Innovative Assesment.  She started her career doing basic scientific research in molecular biology at The Salk Institute in LaJolla, California. She then entered the K-12 education arena as a high school science teacher and teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Coordinated Science.

While teaching, she worked on a variety of assessment-related projects including the California Golden State Exam, and the innovative Science Portfolio Assessment Project. She has also done consulting work for various test-prep organizations. She has been a high school principal, an educational researcher at SRI International, and the Lawrence Hall of Science, as well as a community college teacher and tutor.

She is an advisor to the NIH-funded "Innovations to Build Student Success" grant administered by the University of Nebraska Medical Center - College of Nursing.

Patty holds a B.S. in Zoology from Colorado State University, an  M.S. in Developmental Biology from the University of Cincinnati, as well as teaching and school administration certificates.

Contact Information

Phone: (925) 596-0280
Office: REMOTE

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