Developing the Ability to Retain and Retrieve Word Mappings Across Time

Research on children's world learning has made significant progress in determining how learners acquire word-referent pairings in one and/or across multiple learning events. However, this body of work has a striking limitation: research has focused on acquisition, rather than retention and retrieval of word-referent pairings across time. Consequently, little is known about if and how learners retain and retrieve pairings over varying timescales.

This project aims to characterize a developmental trajectory of cross-situational word learning (XSWL) to elucidate the cognitive processes that support and/or constrain development across early childhood (16 to 36-month-old children).

The long-term goal is to describe how children retain and retrieve words across real-world periods of time-such as days, weeks, and years.


Haley Vlach


Completed on February 28, 2017

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Haley Vlach