Developing Algebra-Ready Students for Middle School: Exploring the Impact of Early Algebra

This 3-year project seeks to build the essential preliminary components necessary to investigate the impact of early algebra education on students' algebra readiness in the middle grades. In particular, the goals of the project are fourfold: (1) To coordinate (empirical) research, curricular design perspectives, and mathematical perspectives to design a curricular learning progression [CLP] that identifies core algebraic concepts and articulates their progression in children's thinking across upper elementary and middle grades (grades 3-7); (2) Using the CLP, to design grade-based assessments of students' algebra understanding for upper elementary and middle grades (grades 3-7); (3) To conduct a preliminary efficacy study concerning the impact of an early algebra intervention based on the CLP and measured by the assessments developed in Goal 2; and (4) To use the CLP and associated tasks to inform the design and implementation of content-based teacher professional development.

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Completed on August 31, 2011