New Grants

Bradley Carl has been awarded $20,000 from the UW-Madison Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership for “Rural Educator Workforce Planning Grant” through June 30, 2025. (050924)

Matthew Berland has received a grant of $71,349 from the National Science Foundation, in a subcontract from Stanford University, for “RAPID: DRL AI: Constructing Understandings of Generative AI/ML in Education” through Nov. 30, 2024. (050624)

Taylor Odle has been awarded $350,000 from the Lumina Foundation for Education for “Simplifying Enrollment in Practice: Studying the Integration of Direct Admissions Programs and Financial Aid (Phase I)” through March 28, 2025. (043024)

Yoon Jeon (YJ) Kim has received a grant of $49,998 from the National Science Foundation for “Sixth International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography (ICQE24)” through April 30, 2025. (042624)

Sadhana Puntambekar has been awarded $309,649 from the National Science Foundation, in a subcontract from Auburn University, for “An Intelligent Assistant to Support Teachers and Students in Simulation-Based Science Learning” through July 31, 2025. (040224)

Richard Halverson & Christopher Saldaña have received a grant of $2,000,000 from The Wallace Foundation for the “Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership Learning/Mapping Equity Indicators” (CALL-MEI) through Dec 31, 2025. (032624)

Kate Vieira has received a grant of $43,193 from the Spencer Foundation for “Youth Writing for Peace in Colombia: A Collaborative Analysis of Teachers’ and Students' Perspectives” through Aug. 31, 2025. (032624)

Daniel Bolt has been awarded $194,433 from the Institute of Education Sciences, in a subcontract from Education Analytics, for “Refinement and Validation of a Large-Scale Panel Survey of Students' Social-Emotional Learning in Grades 4 through 12 in the COVID Era” through June 30, 2027. (032124)