For Researchers

WCER provides all School of Education researchers with comprehensive administrative and technological support for the lifecycle of a grant, from award submission through project startup, staffing, research, results, closure or award renewal.

Submitting a proposal through WCER

Any faculty or academic staff member seeking to submit an educated-related proposal must send the following required proposal planning information via email to Courtney Bell, WCER director, to seek permission to work through—and if funded—house the project in WCER. (Time before funder’s deadline: ASAP)

  • Funding agency
  • Name of competition and link to the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Submission deadline
  • Principal investigator (PI)
  • Co-PI(s) (if any)
  • Estimated length of project, and budget
  • Indicate if WCER is the prime submitting institution or if this is a subcontract
  • Short description of your project

Next steps

After Dr. Bell approves your project, please:

  1. As soon as you are able, plan your technology, equipment, and website needs with Beth Atkinson, assistant director Technical Services.
  2. Three weeks before the funder’s deadline, develop a budget with Teresa Mason in the business office; if needed, send her a request for limited PI status.
  3. Three weeks before the funder’s deadline, contact Kurt Brown, senior editor, to schedule the date to send the draft proposal for editing.
  4. Two days before the funders’ deadline, send the final, edited proposal to Teresa Mason for review.
  5. After submission, but before funding, begin ARROW process for IRB protocols. Check human subjects requirements with Bob Glover, WCER representative on the IRB.

Proposal preparation

WCER provides guidance for researchers who want to apply for grants. More than a dozen fulltime professionals are dedicated to working with PIs to develop, submit, and manage grant proposals and projects by:

  • helping plan and prepare the project budget
  • providing comprehensive editing, formatting, and strategic proposal review
  • coordinating communications among investigators, funding agencies, campus schools and colleges, the Research and Sponsored Program Office, and Institutional Review Board
  • supplying pre-award administrative guidance
  • managing office assignments, design, and furniture procurement to meet research needs
  • handling human resources responsibilities
  • helping with project staffing and accounting needs
  • producing monthly financial reports and projections for each project
  • offering contract and intellectual property consultation and services
  • developing technology, websites, and communications

These documents and webpages provide information to assist in preparing grant proposals.