For Researchers

“A great challenge to an education research organization is to substantially influence practice. WCER researchers have struck a wonderfully successful balance between breaking new intellectual ground and continually asking how educational ‘best practices’ can be made more efficient, better supported, more strategic and thus easier to implement.”

UW–Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank

WCER has a prolific track record of producing influential research due to the highly talented individuals who work at the center and the resources their affiliation with WCER provides. The center also offers flexibility to researchers who wish to maintain appointments in their home departments or with other research centers on campus.

WCER provides a proven infrastructure with services that enable researchers to pursue groundbreaking work, and concentrate on the scientific investigation of educational issues and problems. Researchers are provided comprehensive administrative and technological support for the full lifecycle of a grant, from award submission through project startup, staffing, research, results, closure or award renewal.

Grant Notification Service

The WCER Grant Notification Service is an electronic mailing list available exclusively to University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty, researchers and staff. Each e-mail notice lists promising education-related grant opportunities that have come to the center's attention since the last notice, with links to available information.

Proposal Preparation

WCER provides guidance for faculty and researchers who want to apply for grants. These documents and webpages provide information to assist in preparing grant proposals.

Any UW–Madison faculty or academic staff member seeking grant funding to conduct education research is encouraged to explore an affiliation with WCER. By working closely together, the WCER Director’s Office, Business Office, Technical Services, Communications Department and Copy Shop provide expert advice, support and hands-on help that can increase grant approval rates dramatically.

More than a dozen full-time professionals are dedicated to working with principal investigators to develop, submit and manage grant proposals and projects by:

  • providing comprehensive editing, formatting and strategic proposal review, including content suggestions to match funder preferences
  • coordinating communications among investigators, funding agencies, campus schools and colleges, the Research and Sponsored Program Office, and Institutional Review Board
  • supplying pre-award administrative guidance, including budgeting, staffing, and submission
  • managing office assignments, design and furniture procurement to meet research needs
  • handling human resources responsibilities, including recruitment, classifications, benefits, performance management and payroll
  • helping to project staffing needs, manage accounts payable, handle service agreements, provide notary services and coordinate travel, conferences, reimbursements and archiving
  • producing monthly financial reports and projections for each project
  • offering contract and intellectual property consultation and services
  • developing technology, websites, collateral materials, news articles, and communications services to make projects run smoothly, appear professional, disseminate results and impress multiple audiences.

UW–Madison faculty and academic staff members interested in WCER becoming their campus home for grants in education research should call (608) 263-4200 or (608) 890-3926.