WI Advanced Manufacturing Pathway Education Network (WAMPEN)

Allen Phelps and colleagues are working with the Wisconsin Technical College System to advance the state’s capacity for delivering high-quality, advanced manufacturing education. The new Wisconsin Advanced Manufacturing Pathway (AMP) education initiative is one of 6 state grants awarded by the U.S. Department of Education to promote rigorous career and technical education programs of study. Each state will develop and implement a program of study in a specific discipline or set of disciplines.

The Promoting Rigorous Career and Technical Education Programs of Study Program promotes and improves state and local development and implementation of rigorous programs of study. It also assesses the impact of student participation in career and technical education programs of study that link secondary and postsecondary education.

The Program combines academic and career and technical education in a structured sequence of courses, offers students opportunities to earn postsecondary credits for courses taken in high school, and leads to a postsecondary credential, certificate, or degree as outlined in the Education Department's Programs of Study Design Framework.



Completed on September 30, 2014