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The successes of Minority-Serving Institutions have remained largely invisible in the scholarly and national media. For the most part we hear about shortcomings and struggles of MSIs but little about their accomplishments. Critiques of these institutions have been put forth by individuals with little understanding of MSIs— including critics who fail to take into account the unique history and special missions of these institutions. Unfortunately, many MSIs do not have the capacity to counter these negative portrayals, much less collect data to demonstrate their successes.

This project works to identify and highlight models of success at Minority-Serving Institutions. These models will illuminate those practices and characteristics of MSIs that significantly contribute to college participation and degree attainment, especially for low-income students of color. In turn, these models of success can:
1. Enrich and enlarge the policies and practices in ways that increase educational equity for traditionally underrepresented students as well as advance access and degree attainment for all college and university students across our institutions of higher learning. 
2. Strengthen and enhance the collective capacity of MSIs to serve students.
3. Increase collaboration among MSI leaders in ways that strengthen their collective impact across the higher education community.


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Completed on December 31, 2013