David Shaffer

Data Philosopher

David Williamson Shaffer is the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Learning Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Educational Psychology, the Obel Foundation Professor of Learning Analytics, and a Data Philosopher at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. He is the author of How Computer Games Help Children Learn, and Quantitative Ethnography.

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Phone: (608) 890-3443
Office: 499B Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Measuring Complex STEM Thinking Using Epistemic Network Analysis
DRK-12: Developing and Testing the Internship-inator, a Virtual Internship in STEM Authorware System
AISL: Local Environmental Modeling: A Toolkit for Incorporating Place-Based Learning into Virtual Internships - A Scalable, Informal STEM Learning Environment
ECR: Assessing Complex Collaborative STEM Learning at Scale with Epistemic Network Analysis

Completed Projects

CAREER: Alternate Routes to Technology and Science (ARTS)
AutoMentor: Virtual Mentoring and Assessment in Computer Games for STEM Learning
EAGER Proposal for Research in Measurement and Modeling: Dynamic STEM Assessment through Epistemic Network Analysis
REU Supplement to EAGER Proposal for Research in Measurement and Modeling: Dynamic STEM Assessment Through Epistemic Network Analysis
TUES-Type 2: First Year Virtual Internships to Increase Persistence of Underrepresented Groups in Engineering: RescuShell and its parent company RescuTek
DIP: Examining the Potential for Synergy or Negative Transfer when Students Learn from Multiple STEM Learning Games
Using a Virtual Engineering Internship to Model the Complexity of Engineering Design Problems
Collaborative Research: Research Initiation Grants in Engineering Education: Development of Innovation Capacity in Engineering Students Through Virtual Internships
Virtual Engineering Internships for High School Students in Long Beach Unified School District
Exploring the Potential of Virtual Internships for Civic and Media Education