Matthew Wolfgram

Assistant Director CCWT

I am a linguistic anthropologist and anthropologist of education, qualitative research methodologist, and education researcher, with three major ongoing research projects:

(1) an ethnography of communication focused on the postcolonial modernization of the education and practice of an indigenous system of medicine in Kerala (south India) called Ayurveda;

(2) a video and discourse analysis of teacher-student and student peer-group interactions in US middle and high school STEM classrooms; and

(3) an ethnography of the experience of low-income, first-generation, and minotrized students on the campus of a public flagship university in the American Midwest.  

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 436-0478
Office: 551S Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Community -Based Learning Coure Development Grant
The College Internship Study: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study Exploring theImpacts of College Internships on Student Outcomes at HBCUs