Eric Camburn

WCER Deputy Director, Professor Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Eric Camburn, is a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and senior researcher at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education.  Camburn’s research focuses on instructional improvement, especially in urban public schools. His early work documented the difficulty low-income and minority students in urban schools have in negotiating the transitions from elementary school to high school and from high school to postsecondary education. Camburn’s current research involves two related lines of inquiry: 1) investigation of factors that support instructional improvement, and 2) the use of survey methods for studying instructional improvement.  Research in the first area is further divided into three related topics—how the nature of learning opportunities provided to teachers affect their improvement efforts, how leadership can serve as a resource that supports teachers’ improvement efforts, and how comprehensive reform programs can support instructional change.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 263-3697
Office: 253D Education

Current Projects

An Evaluation of the Authentic Intellectual Work Initiative in Iowa
The Day Reconstruction Method: A New Tool for Measuring Teachers' Work and Work Contexts
Enhancing the Quality of Instruction in Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

Completed Projects

Assessing the Impact of Principals' Professional Development: An Evaluation of the National Institute for School Leadership
Instructional Improvement Through Comprehensive School Reform: Investigations From the Study of Instructional Improvement
School Leadership for Student Achievement: A Survey and Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Leadership in Florida