Thomas Carpenter

Emeritus Professor

Thomas Carpenter is Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Director of the National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science. His areas of interest include mathematics education, development of children's mathematical concepts, and teacher development.

Sample recent publications include:
Carpenter, T.P., Franke, M.L., Jacops, V. & Fennema, E. Invention and Understanding in the Development of Multidigit Addition and Subtraction: A Longitudinal Study. Journal of Research in Mathematics Education

Carpenter, T.P., Fennema, E.T & Franke, M.L. (1996). Cognitively Guided Instruction: A Knowledge Base for Reform in Primary Mathematics Instruction. The Elementary School Journal, 97, 3-20.

Hiebert, J., Carpenter, T.P., et al. (1996) Problem Solving as a Basis for Reform in Curriculum and Instruction: The Case of Mathematics. Educational Researcher, 25(4), 12-21.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 263-4210
Office: Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Professional Development for Culturally Relevant Teaching and Learning in Pre-K Mathematics