Alison Bowman

Project Manager

Alison Bowman handles all project management activities and external relations for the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, the nation’s first laboratory for translational research aimed at improving equitable outcomes in postsecondary education.  Prior to this she served as the project manager for the Wisconsin Scholars Longitudinal Study, an interdisciplinary study of the impact of financial aid on college persistence and graduation. Alison has been employed with WCER since 2009 and recently earned a UW-Madison Academic Staff Excellence Award.

Alison holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from the La Follette School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied public policy, administration, and tribal affairs. She is also the advisor for Wunk Sheek, the UW American Indian Student Organization. 

Completed WCER Projects

Evaluating the Impacts of Need-Based Financial Aid on Persistence and Completion Rates of Community College and University Students

Health Effects of an Education Experiment with Low-Income Young Adults

The Impact of Current Financial Aid Policies on College Graduation: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

Rethinking College Choice in America

Wisconsin Scholars Longitudinal Study

The Causal Effects of Financial Aid on the Social Relationships of Low-Income College Students

The Effect of Need-Based Financial Aid on College Persistence

The Impact of Current Financial Aid Policies on College: Supplemental

The Impact of Need-Based Aid on College Graduation: A Randomized Trial of the Wisconsin Scholars Grant

Contact Information
Phone: (715) 890-3481
Office: L139F Education