Shahanna Mckinney-Baldon

Co-Director of the WCER Clinical Program

Shahanna McKinney-Baldon is the Co-Director of the WCER Clinical Program, and a research and evaluation subject matter expert with WCER's Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative (WEC).

Shahanna is a former classroom teacher who has held leadership roles in public school districts and other large public education organizations, including serving in the role of WCER Special Assistant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from 2018-2021. She is a second-generation graduate of the UW Madison School of Education on both sides of her family, and holds a Master's degree in Social Justice Education from the esteemed University of Massachusetts-Amherst Social Justice Education program.

In addition to being a leader in work for racial equity in public education, Shahanna is also a longtime thought leader on racial and ethnic diversity in the American Jewish community. She helps lead a number of community-based programs and initiatives, including Edot Midwest Regional Jewish Diversity and Racial Justice Collaborative, and Tiyuv Jews of Color-Led, Culturally Responsive Evaluation.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 890-4638
Office: Ed Sciences