Brian Burt

Research Scientist, Wisconsin’s Equity and Inclusion Lab

Brian A. Burt’s program of research uses qualitative methodological approaches to study the experiences of graduate students, and the institutional policies and practices that influence students’ educational and workforce pathways. His current research projects fall in two strands: 1) understanding team-based science, and 2) exploring the experiences of underrepresented graduate students of color in engineering. Through this program of research, Dr. Burt seeks to provide new understandings of the complexity of science participation; the aim is to better understand the experiences that promote or turn students away from science pathways. The implications of this work have the capacity to improve student-to-faculty (as well as student-to-student) interactions, and inform recommendations for the (re)design of supportive learning environments.He is the recipient of the National Science Foundation's CAREER Award and National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Contact Information
Office: 551B Ed Sciences

Current Projects

CAREER: Leveraging Learning and Engineering Identity to Broaden Participation of Black Males in Colleges of Engineering