Carl A. Grant Scholars Lecture: How Student Voice Revived My Scholarship & Soul

February 24, 2023, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

259 Educational Sciences

Jamaal Matthews

Associate Professor, Combined Program in Education and Sociology, University of Michigan

Jamaal Matthews

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How Student Voice Revived My Scholarship & Soul: Student Meaning Making around the Relevance of Mathematics, Race, and Belonging 

Trained in the positivist traditions of developmental and educational psychology, I’ve often struggled with how to cultivate “objective” research that honors the lived experiences of the Black and Brown children who filled the seats of my 8th grade math classroom in the Bronx, NY. The current talk spans the developmental progression of my research that has tried to navigate that divide. Further, I demonstrate how over time, honoring the power of student voice has helped me navigate this false dichotomy, “mix” multiple methods to expand and nuance the interplay between data and theory, and develop an arc of research that is as meaningful in schools and classrooms as it is in academic journals. Within these data Black and Brown students make meaning of their racialized experiences in their mathematics classrooms while I leverage those narratives to challenge assimilationist notions of mathematical value and belonging.