CCWT: Managing Transitions from College to Work: The ‘Employability’ and Career Readiness Challenge

April 10, 2019, Noon-1:30 pm

Ed Sciences 259, 1025 West Johnson Street

Michael Tomlinson

Associate Professor, Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, UK

The Center for Research on College to Workforce Transitions (CCWT) hosts Michael Tomlinson, who will provide a critical overview of the problem and construct of college graduates’ employability. He will chart its evolution and the ways in which it has been conceptually and politically applied in understanding macro-level changes between higher education systems and the labor market. He will draw on evidence from the perspectives of students and graduates making the transitions from higher education to formal employment, examining the challenges for their career readiness and employment prospects. He will explore salient issues relating to the resources, career values and identities that graduates develop during and beyond higher education.