How to Build a Better Future STEM Faculty

March 7, 2016, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Educational Sciences Room 259, 1025 West Johnson Street

Mark Connolly

Associate Research Scientist, WCER

A brown-bag discussion with principal investigator Mark Connolly and WCER researchers You-Geon Lee and Julia Nelson Savoy.

Improving undergraduate education in STEM fields is a national imperative. Poor teaching is one of the biggest reasons why students leave STEM degree programs, and although research on college teaching has clearly demonstrated which practices are effective, too few college instructors embrace proven methods. 

A seven-year NSF-funded longitudinal study explored the impacts of doctoral teaching development (TD) programs on early-career faculty's teaching-related skills, knowledge, attitudes, and career choices. Connolly, Lee, and Savoy will review the study's major findings and offer recommendations for increasing doctoral student engagement in TD.


  • Mark Connolly,  Associate Research Scientist, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
  • Julia Nelson Savoy,  Assistant Researcher, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
  • You-Geon Lee, Associate Researcher, Wisconsin Center for Education Research