ITP | Does Fatherhood Affect Men’s Educational Attainment? Evidence from Brazilian Data

October 11, 2019, 12 - 1:30 pm

Room 259, Educational Sciences Building

Ana Cristina Collares

University of Brasília

Using data from the 2014 Brazilian Household Survey, we examine the impact of having children for men – compared to women – in the amount of time dedicated to paid work and household chores. Further, we investigate how this impact could explain differences in chances ofbeing enrolled in higher education for young men and women in different household arrangements. Results indicate that parenthood and the amount of time shared between paid and domestic work explain to a much lesser degree the chances of being enrolled in higher education for men than for women. However, there are significant effects of fatherhood, hours of paid work, and hours spent in household chores on the educational attainment of young men.