ITP | The Powerful Impact of Social Norms on Intergroup Attitudes and Behaviors

November 22, 2019, 12 - 1:30 pm

Room 259, Educational Sciences Building

Marcus Brauer

Professor, UW-Madison Department of Psychology

Social norms strongly influence human behavior. In five large-scale randomized controlled trials in the field (total N=2,328), Marcus Bauer's research group tested the effectiveness of a social norms intervention in improving pro-diversity attitudes and inclusive behaviors. The intervention had numerous positive consequences, including an enhanced sense of belonging and better grades among students belonging to marginalized groups.

Research in Marcus Brauer's laboratory focuses on group and inter-group processes and three specific programs of research that explore social power, intergroup perception and civil courage. He has studied the effect of power on behavioral disinhibition and on within-group differentiation; the manner in which individuals process information about the groups that they belong to  as well those that they do not belong to; and the effects of perceived deviance and frequency on expressions of civil courage, the open expression of opposition to observed uncivil or immoral behaviors.