When Should Researchers Use Inferential Statistics When Analyzing Data on Full Populations?

March 16, 2018, 12:00 - 1:30

Educational Sciences Room 259, 1025 West Johnson Street

Rob Warren

Professor, University of Minnesota Sociology

Rob Warren

 I am conducting follow-up surveys of the sophomore (in 2013-2014) and senior (in 2014-2015) cohorts of High School and Beyond (HS&B). These ~30,000 people were first interviewed in high school in 1980; they are now in their early 50s. The full HS&B data will provide leverage in understanding the roles of education, cognitive and non-cognitive skills, and ascribed attributes in shaping work, health, and well-being at midlife. Integrating, Harmonizing, and Linking Data from the Current Population Survey (with Sarah Flood). Despite the longitudinal design of the Current Population Survey (CPS), researchers have almost exclusively analyzed these data as though they were collected through a series of cross-sectional surveys. With support from NIH, we are developing integrated data, dissemination software, and associated metadata that will make longitudinal analyses of CPS data radically easier.