Apply for Funding Up to $30K to Study Early Childhood Education by July 15

Two Projects to be Awarded

June 12, 2019

The Center for Research on Early Childhood Education (CRECE) is offering two funding opportunities of up to $30K each to UW-Madison faculty and research staff interested in studying early childhood education. Applications are due July15 with more information available in the informaiton that follows, or online:

Request for Proposals

The Center for Research on Early Childhood Education (CRECE) is an interdisciplinary research community at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research that supports scholarship focused on equalizing opportunities for young children. Critical goals for CRECE are (a) cultivating research partnerships that bring together scholars across disciplines and methodological approaches to address problems of practice and (b) building capacity for current and next generation early childhood researchers.

To continue to grow this community on campus, CRECE has created a funding opportunity for researchers interested in early childhood education. Successful applicants will participate in the CRECE events and research seminars. Grantees will be expected to make a presentation about their work to the CRECE community.

Award Details

  • Expected funding: CRECE will fund up to two projects for direct costs up to $30,000 each.
  • Eligible applicants: UW-Madison faculty and research staff
  • Expected term of award: Successful applicants will be notified of their award in late-July with funds available by mid-August.
  • Allowable expenses: Funds may be used to pay for PI time, research assistance, tuition remission, materials, or travel.

Proposal Guidelines: Deadline to submit by Monday, July 15, 2019.

Submit proposals in PDF format to Julie Hau (, CRECE project manager.  All proposals must include the following elements:

  • Format: All documents must be single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman with 1-inch margins.
  • Cover page: Project title, PI name and title, and names and title of supporting researchers.
  • Project description: Outline significance of the problem to be addressed, project goals, research questions, and research design/methodology, not to exceed three pages of text without references.
  • Project budget: Completed budget detail form (attached), and a budget justification. Entire project budget is not to exceed one page.
  • Timeline for study: Timeline for all research activities, including project preparation and dissemination of results. All direct research activities must occur by September 1, 2020.
  • Personnel: One-paragraph bio for each PI and support staff; CV for each PI.

Proposal Review Criteria

CRECE leadership will review and score proposals with the attached rubric to assess its alignment with the following criteria:

  • Relevance: Does the proposal’s problem address an important issue in early childhood education that complements the CRECE mission?
  • Methodological strength: Does the proposal clearly describe a research strategy that addresses the research questions? Can it produce knowledge relevant to scholarship on early education?
  • Personnel/Feasibility: Does the PI have relevant substantive and methodological expertise and experience to do this research? Has the PI committed adequate time to carry out this project?
  • Potential contribution to CRECE community: Does the project contribute to interdisciplinary campus research focused on early childhood practice?
  • Project Potential: Is the proposed work likely to produce publications and/or additional funding? Does it contribute to the PIs program of research?