Careers in Computing for African American Students

July 12, 2010

The U.S. is producing record numbers of Ph.D.s in computing; however, the number of African Americans receiving advanced degrees in computing at the master’s level still lags behind those of other ethnic/racial groups. To counter this trend, Jerlando Jackson will work with undergraduates students on project evaluation and manuscript development during the coming academic year. They will be exposed to research and evaluation of STEM-related projects. They will be encouraged to pursue a graduate degree in an evaluation-related field, or develop a related research agenda for Ph.D. study. The Alliance for the Advancement of African American Researchers in Computing (A4RC) works to increase the number African Americans receiving advanced degrees in computing. In this work, students will help with data collection and analysis of the multi-faceted components of the Alliance; they will help develop a proposal for the next AERA conference; and will be invited to attend to help present the research paper.