Elmwood Elementary Students Help Develop Online Video Game

October 30, 2018

From the Pierce County Herald:

The Oct. 10 release of the online video game Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case on WPTeducation.org not only gave elementary level students a new way to have fun while learning at school, but it also put Elmwood Elementary on the map throughout the state.

Fourth grade teacher George Klink, along with a number of his students, contributed to the development and testing of the game over the last two years.

"When we started this project, I was teaching fifth grade, which was two years ago. The kids were instrumental in giving thoughts about where things were that didn't seem to operate correctly ... as well as the music and a lot of other parts of the game," Klink said. "How exciting is it that a school like Elmwood was chosen to be part of this? I had no idea what the process was going to be. Certainly, the time that they put into it has shown that they came up with a really great project. To have our say on anything of this nature is really pretty spectacular."

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