Nathan Participates on Panel on the Development of Mathematical Abilities

March 4, 2015

Mitchell Nathan

Mitchell Nathan

Mitchell J. Nathan recently participated on a panel addressing the development of mathematical abilities at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s 2015 meeting on Feb. 15 in San Jose, Calif.

The panel focused on early experiences and abilities related to mathematical concepts and content, and their role as building blocks that lead to higher levels of understanding. The panel was moderated by Susan Goldin-Meadow of the University of Chicago and also included Harvard’s Elizabeth Spelke, Philip J. Kellman of UCLA, and Stanford’s James L. McClelland and Bruce D. McCandliss. All are considered leading experts on the development and neural basis of natural cognitive abilities related to mathematics.

Nathan is a professor of educational psychology in UW– School of Education and the director of the Center on Education and Work, a part of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER). He has previously researched the use of word problems in engaging mathematical intuitions and how children’s bodies and actions