Richer Resources Available for Developing Dissemination Plans

November 1, 2022   |   By WCER Communications

As grant makers increasingly demand more dynamic dissemination plans for competitive grant proposals, WCER and School of Education communicators have worked with WCER grant editors to bolster the available language researchers can choose from to describe their strategies for communicating findings.

Improvements detail the type and scope of communications products that can help researchers share project news on campus and off.

Available online through WCER’s existing Resources for Researchers page, the new material builds on a wealth of existing tools for sharing research results, including a national education research directory for publishing working papers known as the ERIC database, a suite of conference and event planning services, and help connecting researchers with stakeholders such as K–12 school districts, leaders, and teachers.

In the new section, eight bullet points describe how WCER and School of Education (SoE) communication products can share research news, including a monthly e-newsletter from SoE that reaches 26,000 alumni and friends, WCER and SoE public websites, and the social media accounts of WCER and SoE that receive thousands of views, plus many other tools.