The Idea That Launched a Thousand Strategic Plans

January 25, 2017

Matt Hora's book, Beyond the Skills Gap, was featured in an article about the skills gap in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

From the article:

[The] vision of the value of a college education sounds much like what an advocate for liberal education might say. It turns out that attitudes about the skills gap, and colleges’ roles in fixing it, are similarly nuanced.

That’s what Matthew T. Hora, an assistant professor of liberal arts and applied studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and his colleagues found after they probed assumptions about the skills gap, among both educators and employers.

For their recent book, Beyond the Skills Gap: Preparing College Students for Life and Work (Harvard Education Press), Mr. Hora and his colleagues interviewed educators in Wisconsin’s universities and technical colleges, as well as chief executives, human-resources directors, and shift supervisors in biotechnology and manufacturing companies. The professors and instructors described a shared vision of educating their students for the long term even as they felt pressures to train them for a job.

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