Welcomes and Thank You’s to New and Departing ASAC Members

September 11, 2022   |   By WCER Communications

A new academic year means a changing slate of members for WCER’s Academic Staff Advisory Committee (ASAC), as some members finish their service on the board, some begin new two-year terms, and others continue into the second year of their terms.

Please join ASAC in thanking the four departing members: Irina Diaz, ASAC Co-Chair (research administrator, Business Office); Kyrie Caldwell (researcher and evaluator, Fair Play Project); Mai Yang (financial specialist, Business Office); and Eric Cordero-Siy (research associate, The Labs Project). Mai and Eric also are leaving WCER, for new jobs in SoE and Boston University, respectively. Congratulations to them on their new roles!

Please also help ASAC welcome aboard our new ASAC members: Gwen Goplin (accountant, Business Office); Lynn Glueck (program director, The Discussion Project); Karen Rivedal (communications manager, Director’s Office); and Ellyssa Eiring (research services manager for culturally aware mentoring within CIMER).

These new members join the continuing ASAC team members: Allison Monday, ASAC Co-Chair (manager, MELD Lab); Drake Accardi (lead project manager, WIDA); Franchesca Beswick (recruitment specialist, Business Office); and Danielle Maillette, a non-voting ASAC member (project manager, Director’s Office). A second ASAC Co-Chair will be selected soon from among the new and continuing members; watch the newsletter for that info.

For ASAC events in the coming year, expect a continuation of Lunch and Learn sessions in September, November, February and April; four meetings of Cookies with Courtney in October, January, March, and May; and the holiday party in December.

The first Lunch and Learn is set for Sept. 21 from noon to 1 p.m. CST in 259 Educational Sciences and via Zoom. It will feature Maria Huckleberry and others from Administrative Client Services describing how they can help WCER researchers become more productive.

Please use this MYWCER link to see ASAC member photos and affiliations.