Learning and Assessment of First Nations Languages: Overview and Annotated Bibliography

WCER Working Paper No. 2024-1

Lorena Alarcon


May 2024, 27 pp.

ABSTRACT: This paper is an overview and annotated bibliography of work regarding the assessment of Indigenous languages in different global contexts, the benefits of learning First Nations languages, language programs related to these languages, and early childhood education. The paper was prepared by Lorena Alarcon as part of her 2023 WIDA Assessment Research Internship, which included supporting the Wisconsin First Nations Early Childhood Circles of Reflection Planning Group, a collaborative activity with the Region 10 Comprehensive Center for Wisconsin and Minnesota. Each of the sources in the bibliography is annotated with a reflection on its usefulness and a description of how the source is similar to or differs from the other sources in the bibliography.

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keywords: First Nations languages, assessment, early childhood