Evidence-Based Practice: Promoting Evidence-Based Interventions in School Psychology

WCER Working Paper No. 2003-13

Thomas R. Kratochwill and Elisa Steele Shernoff

December 2003, 24 pp.

ABSTRACT: We present an overview of issues related to evidence-based practice and the role that the school psychology profession can play in developing and disseminating evidence-based interventions (EBIs). Historical problems relating to and the recurring debate about the integration of research into practice are presented as a context for the current challenges faced by those engaged in the EBI movement in psychology and education. Potential solutions to the problems posed by the adoption of EBIs in practice are presented within the context of the directions to be taken by the Task Force on Evidence-Based Interventions in School Psychology (Task Force). Five assumptions are presented that can guide the Task Force in addressing the integration of EBIs in practice. These assumptions are followed by five recommendations that can be translated into action plans to be adopted by the Task Force for the promotion of EBIs in practice. The action plans are conceptualized as a shared responsibility of school psychology researchers, trainers, and practitioners. Future directions and implications for policy among groups with a common agenda for promoting EBIs are also presented.

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keywords: Evidence-Based Practice; Evidence-Based Interventions; EBIs; School Psychology