Amanda Spalter

Senior Outreach Specialist

Amanda Spalter started at WIDA in 2006, primarily working on the LADDER development team. She now manages LADDER, which includes materials development, implementation, and evaluation. Amanda has delivered ongoing professional development with district coaches and school-based leadership teams to help them use data to improve programming and instruction for language learners.

Amanda has worked with schools to develop and implement community-based educational programs for bilingual students in collaboration with families and community members. She also worked at an educational nonprofit leadership development program for culturally and linguistically diverse students. She graduated from Columbia University in New York City with a degree in Anthropology focusing on linguistics and Spanish. She completed a doctoral program in Educational Psychology at UW-Madison.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 890-4378
Office: 796 Ed Sciences

Current Projects


Completed Projects

Literacy in Assessment and Data Designed for Effective Results for English Language Learners (LADDER)