Douglas Harris in Education Week

January 26, 2011

Douglas Harris discusses how economists and educators can find common ground in the debate over value-added assessment (Education Week, 26 Jan., registration required).

Evaluating Literacy Instruction in Milwaukee

January 24, 2011

Staff from the Value-Added Research Center are evaluating The Milwaukee Community Literacy Project (MCLP).

Allan Odden on

January 21, 2011

Allan Odden is helping Wyoming lawmakers set up a statewide system to measure school accountability (, 21 Jan.).

Richard Halverson on the Journal Sentinel

January 15, 2011

Richard Halverson says instructional materials in digital form will allow schools to choose their resources from multiple vendors that best fit their needs, rather than depending on the monolithic textbooks (Journal Sentinel, 15 Jan.).

Comparing Adequacy Across 50 States

January 15, 2011

Until now, no one has tried to estimate the costs of educational adequacy across all 50 states using a common method applied in a consistent manner. UW-Madison education professor Allan Odden and colleagues have realized that goal.

Research Into Practice

January 10, 2011

WCER researcher Susan Millar works to harness the power of computer games to help diabetes patients better manage their illness.

Games and Simulations in Informal Science Education

January 3, 2011

Video games and simulations have emerged as an important cultural and educational medium.

David Williamson Shaffer on WTVM

January 2, 2011

David Williamson Shaffer says computer games are not inherently good or bad. . . you should model your decisions just like anything else you choose for your child (WTVM, 2 Jan.) .

Beth Graue in the Wisconsin State Journal & on WHBL

December 30, 2010

Beth Graue advocates for funding new 4K education programs in Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Journal, 29 Dec., WHBL, 30 Dec.)

Scientific Collaboration and Cyberinfrastructure

December 27, 2010

School districts are building data systems and infrastructure to handle the complex requirements of data-driven decision making.

Douglas Harris in the New York Times

December 26, 2010

Douglas Harris comments on teacher rankings in New York (New York Times, 26 Dec.).

Rob Meyer on the Journal Sentinel

December 25, 2010

Value-Added Research Center director Rob Meyer recalls working with states that have implemented the “Milwaukee Model” for data-driven teacher-improvement strategies, as Wisconsin’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction creates a team to develop a statewide evaluation system for principals and teachers (Journal Sentinel, 25 Dec.)

Equity and Inclusion Project Supports Black Male Athletes

December 20, 2010

Wisconsin’s Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (Wei Lab) works to cultivate equity and inclusion in higher education.

Classroom Collaboration Supports Mathematical Generalizations

December 15, 2010

In mathematics classrooms, generalization is an important part of the curriculum.

Single-Case Research: A Guide for Visual Analysis

December 13, 2010

Analyzing data visually from single-case designs can be challenging for researchers because there is often a lack of agreement among judges.